"I like to capture the viewer’s imagination and bring them to a place where colour and texture reign; where wool and silk dance together to become a blue sky filled with light, movement and space. I use fibre as a painter would use paint."

Felting is an age-old tradition, which in recent years has been explored in new ways. Wool, silk and mohair fibres are used to create the most delicate of felts with layers of colour and a variety of textures. This in turn makes it an ideal medium for creating dynamic, expressive visual art: whether representational or abstract. Please explore the gallery page to get an idea of how expansive natural fibre as a medium can be.

Shows & Events

I have been taking a break from my art practice due to the addition of a new little one to our family… there will be new work available in the spring at Bogside gallery. www.bogsidegallery.com 

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